Nukewatch UK

DID YOU know that nuclear warheads are regularly transported for hundreds of miles along UK roads?

Police and Marines escort these military convoys between the warhead factory near Aldermaston and the Trident submarine base in Scotland, occasionally passing through Yorkshire.

No radiation warning symbols are carried and neither the public nor local authorities are warned of these nuclear convoys.

Nukewatch UK monitors these convoys with help from people like you. Nukewatch are then able to keep MPs, journalists, local communities, and councillors informed.

Yorkshire CND is forming a telephone tree of people who are able to track the convoys. Of late the convoy has travelled the western route to Scotland but in the past has used A1/ A1M
URGENTLY NEEDED – nukewatchers along the M6 between Stafford and Preston and people who could reach the A1 from York, Leeds and Doncaster. You need to have a mobile phone and a vehicle, but you don’t always need to be available at a moment’s notice, as if there is a group of us, we hope that one of us can respond.   There are some of us able to go out at short notice but we need a driver and vehicle (petrol money reimbursed).
Please contact Yorkshire CND office if you think you can help.

If you see a convoy on the move – Be ready to phone us by having these numbers on your phone…
South: 0845 45 88 364
North: 0845 45 88 365


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