“Independence from America” demonstration

“Independence from America” demonstration

RAF Menwith Hill (Main gate) – July 4th 2013 – 5-9pm

The annual July 4th independence party at Menwith Hill is an opportunity to highlight the continued military dominance of the USA, draw attention to the presence of the US military in Yorkshire at RAF Menwith Hill, and demand independence from the US military, while also hearing some leading voices from the peace movement, listening to music, dancing and eating!

On the same day that Americans celebrate their day of independence, members of Yorkshire CND, the Campaign for Accountability of American Bases (www.caab.org) and other peace organisations will gather at the main gate of RAF Menwith Hill, which is occupied and controlled by the American National Security Agency (NSA).  Menwith Hill is one of the primary listening posts for the NSA, a key part of their missile “defence” system, and is understood to provide intelligence which is used for covert strikes including drone strikes.  We will be joined by Salma Yaqoob, Andy Worthington, Martin Wainwright, Mirzan, Daftasadrum, the East Lancashire Clarion Choir and the Peace Artistes, with food from the 1in12 cafe for an afternoon of talks and music.

July 4th 2012 – Independence from America demonstration

See you there!

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